Christian Farmer refuses to bow to morals for ‘Shark Tank’ judges

After a Christian farmer introduced his product, the investors of the show “Shark Tank” had one requirement — compromise on your morals or leave empty-handed. Refusing their demand with tears in his eyes, the humble farmer was soon offered the greatest deal of his life.

Having grown up in the horticulture industry, Johnny Georges realized that the average farmer was wasting millions of gallons of water each year to irrigate their crop. Seeing a desperate need for reform, he set out to invent a product that would revolutionize the way farmers operated their businesses.

Georges created the Tree T-Pee, a plastic cloak that not only retains water for individual trees but also protects them from freezing temperatures. With his invention, farmers would be able to keep a greater percentage of their crop alive and go from using 25,000 gallons of water per tree per year to just 800 gallons per tree per year, dramatically saving resources and money.






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