“Which is better?”: the most tattooed woman covered a part of her tattoos and showed how she looks without them

Becky Holt from Great Britain is the most tattooed woman in her country. At least she is sure about it. 100% of her body is covered with pictures. When there was no place on the body she moved to the face.

It was interesting for many how she looked before all the tattoos. Just for an experiment, Becky decided to cover up a part of her body and show how she would look without the tattoos. She did it with the help of full-coverage foundation and photoshop.

Her fans expressed two different opinions. Some of them thought that Holt looked better with the tattoos, others liked the version of her without them. There were people who offered Holt cover the tattoos on the face only, and keep the ones on the body.

Well, you can’t please everyone. It’s important that the girl herself likes the results.

What’s your opinion? Do tattoos make her look more beautiful or just the opposite?






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