78-Year-Old Rod Stewart Makes A Major Announcement

Rod Stewart is regarded as one of the most successful musicians of his generation. The 78-year-old actor is now focused on his family, taking care of his children and grandchildren. His family is growing, and he is excited about the new addition. Continue reading to find out more!Because he has eight children of his own, the “Maggie May” singer is used to being around children.

The artist has recently been given the title of “grandpa.”On May 9, this year, his fourth kid, Ruby, announced that she and her fiance, Jake Kalic, had welcomed a baby boy.On May 12, his son Liam, now 28, and his partner Nicole Ann announced the birth of their son Louie, making him a grandfather for the second time in a week.

The ecstatic new father shared a photo album on Instagram, greeting his son’s foreign followers with, “Welcome lad, you American, British, Croatian, Kiwi.”Rod’s son Liam was born from his marriage to Rachel Hunter (1990-2006). Hunter’s grandmother welcomed him, saying, “Welcome, you beautiful angel.” Rod’s current wife, Penny Lancaster, also chipped in, adding, “Congratulations, that’s the look of love.” I can’t wait to have a hug.”

Rod Stewart’s Stewart family appears to be growing. Rod’s son, Liam Artukovich, and his fiancée, Nicole Artukovich, the mother of his son Louie, just announced their engagement. To spread the happy news, both parties involved in the announcement posted similar Instagram photographs with the word “Forever,” along with the diamond ring emoji.

Nicole is seen in the photo placing her engagement ring on her fiance’s chest while the two of them exchange passionate glances.The entire family rejoiced and celebrated the good news. Penny Lancaster said, “So magical, congratulations” with a heart emoji. “It’s past time!” I adore you two! “Congratulations!” joked Liam’s sister, Rudy.”1 vibes,” Alastair, Liam’s brother, commented in the comments section.

What excellent, heartening news! Best congratulations to the Stewart family as it grows! We wish the young couple happiness and prosperity in this new chapter of their lives. Please SHARE this news with other Rod Stewart fans so they can rejoice with you!






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