Alisha Lehmann’s braless pic leaves football beauty having to tell pal ‘please stay calm’

Alisha Lehmann knows how to entertain her fans with some glamorous pictures, but it was a former team-mate who seemed to enjoy it more than most

Alisha Lehmann jokingly told a former team-mate to compose themselves after her recent Instagram post.

The Aston Villa forward is the most followed player in the whole of women’s football. She has amassed a humongous 16.3 million followers on social media thanks to her incredible football skills and wide variety of companies she is an ambassador for.

As well as representing the Midlanders in the FA Women’s Super League, she is also a brand promoter for PRIME, Adidas and many more. If any were wondering how she has amassed a queue of brands waiting to endorse her, a brief glance at her latest post is enough to explain why.

The 24-year-old Switzerland international uploaded a picture of herself wearing a black leather jacket. She wore the coat slightly across her arms to expose her shoulders and highlight the fact she may not have been wearing a bra.

It immediately attracted a whole host of comments from her loyal band of followers. One fan decided to try and win her affection by writing: “Looking beautiful as always.”

One of her female followers then added: “Perfection defined.” Another women’s football fan then gave a rather fearsome order when they told her to: “Crush the Internet.”

However, one fan was more focussed on what she was wearing, saying: “Awesome black Leather jacket.” However, the best comment of the day began to London City Lionesses star and Ireland international Ruesha Littlejohn, who did her best dinosaur impression by writing: “Rarrr”.

It amused Lehmann so much that she dived into the comments section to tell her former team-mate to: “Please stay calm.” Lehmann has spoken in the past about juggling expressing her femininity with playing football.

“It’s not a bad thing to want to look like a girl and play football,” she said on her Fanzone page. “I really support that, and I want everyone to be themselves when they play the sport.”






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