John Leguizamo Criticizes Those Still Tipping With $20 Bills, Reminding Them “This Ain’t The 70s”

In an era where the age-old practice of tipping remains a hot topic, acclaimed actor John Leguizamo has stepped into the limelight with a message: “This ain’t the 70s.” With charm and conviction, the 62-year-old star is challenging the status quo, calling on patrons to be more generous when showing appreciation for service.

The tipping debate has always been divisive, especially beyond the borders of the United States, where it’s often viewed as a gesture rather than an obligation. However, within the US, tipping has become a vital means of supplementing the income of service industry workers, whose base salaries often fall short of providing a reasonable livelihood.

As discussions rage on about what constitutes an appropriate tip, the consensus typically hovers around 20% of the total bill. John Leguizamo, known for his candidness, recently engaged in a conversation with Good Morning America, where the topic of tipping culture took center stage.

Leguizamo, an advocate for fair treatment of service workers, revealed that he routinely carries larger denomination bills in his wallet in anticipation of rewarding deserving staff. “Come on,” he quipped, “this ain’t the 70s. You can’t tip with $20 bills anymore. People might just toss those back at you.”

His point is clear: it’s time to adapt to the evolving world of tipping etiquette. He emphatically asserted, “I’m not a cheapskate,” underlining his genuine desire to appreciate those who work tirelessly to provide exceptional service.

Continuing the conversation, the actor transitioned to discuss his latest project, an Amazon Prime show called “The Power.” Based on a novel of the same name, the series explores a world where women across the globe acquire the ability to generate electricity, a concept laden with symbolism about shifting power dynamics in society.

Intriguingly, this narrative offers a unique commentary on modern society, as these newfound abilities grant women newfound strength, transcending traditional gender imbalances. Leguizamo enthusiastically shared, “Can you imagine a world where women take over? It’d be a great place. So that’s what this series is all about. Teenage girls develop an organ through evolution to protect themselves, and it gives them electricity.”

The show promises to deliver both thrilling shocks and thought-provoking revelations, with its episodes available for streaming on Amazon Prime, and additional releases scheduled for May 12.

In a world where debates about generosity and societal transformation collide, John Leguizamo’s call for better tipping practices and his involvement in “The Power” series offer a refreshing perspective. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of gratuity, let’s heed his advice and recognize that tipping, like society itself, has moved beyond the 70s.






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