‘Police pulled me over for MOT and gave me fine – but randy man paid it’

A ‘traumatised’ driver was pulled over after making a mistake on her MOT.

Nova Jewels, from Dundee, got a talking to after she enjoyed her 28th birthday. Shortly after the celebrations on December 22, cops found she’d forgotten to renew her MOT.

They issued her with a three-figure fine, which definitely dampened her spirits. So the Scottish lass decided to air her annoyance with her fans.

The cam girl spoke to followers about her day, which definitely paid off. A particularly loyal fan decided to lift the models spirits in the form of funds.

Nova revealed that a horny caller coughed up cash to pay a fine after police pulled her over on a naughty traffic offence.

“But, I got on cam that night and I speak about everything that happened in my day. It’s a topical conversation for my callers.

“So I signed on and I was like ‘guys it was my birthday yesterday and I’m so traumatised, I was pulled over by the police’. And one of them said ‘what did you get?’

“I only got £100 which was actually quite good because I thought I’d get a £300 fine. Then, my caller just tipped me £100 straight away so I could pay my fine. So I think, it doesn’t count anymore, it’s been paid for.”

Nova believes she is now getting new subscribers not through the desire to see her steamy nudes, but for the chance to get the gossip surrounding her life.

The fiery content creator often heads straight to her DM’s to get “all the sympathy” she could get – a trick from her book she’s been successful with before while in hospital with cellulitis.

She noted that the teasing of getting in ‘trouble’ with the police caught the attention from social media users that led them to subscribe to her OnlyFans and cam services.

“I obviously went straight into the DM’s and tried to get all the sympathy that I could get,” she admitted. “People are so nosy as well. So when you drop, hints, I’ll get a lot of subscribers.

“I feel like sex appeal isn’t really the biggest form of making money now. People are so nosy and get invested in that daily situation.

“But if you tease on socials to be like, ‘my God, you guys I’ve had an altercation with the police today. and if you want to find out, come to my OnlyFans’

“The amount of people who actually invested, especially on Twitter, so they’ll subscribe and be like ‘what happened with the police?’

“And it’s like wow, you didn’t actually subscribe to see my nudes you just subscribe to find out what the goss is for the day.”

Nova ditched her wedding coordinator job to pursue a career in the sex industry. Three years on, the feisty model and cam girl is well established in the saucy job where she earns at least £4,000 a month.






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