Kayleigh McEnany Is In The Headlines Again After Sharing News About Her Family

After she landed on her feet in the Trump


administration, survived his rocky exit from the White House, and has survived the post-COVID-19 world, Donald Trump’s former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has some really good news to share with her fans.

Although she has spoken at length about growing her family on Outnumber, of which she serves as a co-host, Kayleigh made it as clear as possible that she could not be more excited to be adding a new person to her family at this time in history.

“So my husband Sean Gilmartin and I are about four months pregnant,” Kayleigh McEnany told the whole daytime audience of Fox News. She then made it very clear exactly what she thought about being blessed with a pregnancy.

Kayleigh has been forced to keep her pregnancy secret as part of her job as a T.V. host, but she admitted it was hard doing so and said that she almost blabbed about her pregnancy to her cohosts before she made the decision to come out live on air and tell everyone in Fox News nation that she is expecting a child.






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