Archaeologists found human skeletons that are 5 meters high

A group of archaeologists from Russia who worked in a site in Western Iran discovered an astonishing discovery that shocks the world.


They discovered six human skeletons each of which rises to a height of five meters!

The researchers who are responsible for the discovery didn’t reveal whether the remains are of gian Homosapiens, or whether it is the first-ever discovery of humans that lived alongside our ancestors.

Andrey Asimov, Professor of archaeology and paleoanthropology at the University of St. Petersburg and leading researcher on the excavations site in Iran, explained that the revelation could explain many stories that up until today were contradicted by historians who claimed that they were mythological stories.

“This means that it might well be that Goliath and other fighters from the city of Gath rose to a height of more than 3 meters”, said Asimov.

“In addition, it might well be that over a very long period, various people encountered the Giants and passed stories from one generation to the next. Certainly we need to re-examine the history and accept the fact that many legends are real”.






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