UPS driver uses hilariously clever method to deliver package on icy driveway

The homeowner’s security camera captured it all. “This guy is awesome.”


Winter in certain states brings with it a unique set of challenges, including treacherous roads and sidewalks glazed with ice.

Despite these obstacles, the delivery of mail and packages must continue, no matter the conditions.
This story highlights the extraordinary lengths a UPS delivery man went to ensure a package reached its destination.

It’s a video that’s too good to miss.
Walt Gorczowski, the recipient of this particular delivery, was in for a surprise when he witnessed the lengths his UPS delivery person went to in the face of icy adversity.

Captured on his security camera, the delivery man’s struggle with the slippery conditions quickly became a viral sensation after Walt shared the footage on his YouTube channel.

In fact, it’s earned over 37 million views!

The backdrop to this event was a recent ice storm that had left Walt’s sloping driveway perilously slick.
Aware of the conditions, Walt attempted to ease the delivery man’s task by suggesting he leave the package at the sidewalk.

However, the UPS employee was determined to go the extra mile.

Walt recalls,

“I heard the UPS truck pull up so I opened the garage and told him to just leave the package at the sidewalk and I’d figure out a way to get it, but he insisted on getting it to me. Above and beyond… this guy is awesome.”

The delivery man’s approach was both cautious and ingenious.
He first navigated up the side of his truck, sliding the box ahead of him. Reaching the rear of the vehicle, he carefully sat on the bumper, assessing the situation before launching himself and the package up the driveway.

What followed was a scene straight out of a slapstick comedy.
The delivery man pushed off from the truck, sending the package gliding smoothly up the driveway, followed by himself in a belly flop motion.

Miraculously, the package slid right into Walt’s waiting arms!

To witness this UPS man’s incredible delivery method, check out the video below!
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