Department Store Takes Stand Against “Happy Holidays” Will Say “Merry Christmas” Instead

Retailers are leaning towards “Merry Christmas” over “Happy Holidays” to connect authentically with customers during the festive season. Several department stores stand out in this trend:

Hobby Lobby & Belk: Embrace “Merry Christmas” wholeheartedly, reflecting their dedication to the holiday’s traditional spirit and Christian values.

Nordstrom & Macy’s: Both adopt unique approaches. Nordstrom transforms after Thanksgiving, while Macy’s extends Christmas celebrations beyond its iconic parade.

Home Depot & Wal-Mart: Align their brands with a Christmas-friendly image by incorporating “Christmas” in their marketing and in-store signage, earning praise for embracing the festive spirit.

JCPenney & Bass Pro Shops: Adapt their approach, emphasizing traditional Christmas celebrations, aligning with customer preferences.

Lowe’s & Toys ‘R Us: Display a Christmas-centric theme. Lowe’s, often dubbed a “Christmas city,” and even Toys ‘R Us, with its annual “Christmas Catalog,” enthusiastically embrace the holiday.

These shifts reflect a broader societal trend of openly acknowledging and celebrating cultural traditions. It’s a conscious effort by retailers to foster a more personal and traditional connection with customers during the holiday season, enhancing the festive atmosphere and the sense of togetherness.






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