How Priscilla Presley Would Look Today If She Never Underwent Disastrous Plastic Surgery

Priscilla Presley is not only famously known as Elvis Presley’s wife but also as one of Hollywood’s beauties and as an actress with multiple credits.Her screen credits and being married to one of the famous men led to her being recognized as an influential public figure.


Priscilla was loved for her beauty, and her die-hard fans have seen her transform through time.

The actress added to her achievements and competed in “Dancing with the Stars” in 2008. However, her transformation has been filled with a few ups and downs. It was confirmed that Priscilla was a victim of being injected with silicone by an unlicensed doctor.

Dr. Daniel Serrano from Argentina was responsible for causing not only Priscilla but many more Hollywood stars trauma. The doctor also reportedly treated other stars, such as Lionel Richie’s ex-wife Diane.

Serrano reportedly claimed that what he had was better than Botox. But after he was investigated, it was discovered that he had been injecting people with an industrial low-grade silicone, which is reported to be similar to what mechanics use to oil car parts.Serrano admitted to smuggling illegal drugs into the U.S. and served a sentence of 18 months in prison before he was deported to Argentina. According to reports, the silicone he used caused lumps, paralysis, and craters in the face.

Despite the traumatic experience, sources close to Priscilla said the actress dealt with the issue and underwent corrective surgery in 2008. Over the years, the “Dancing with the Stars” alum has gone through multiple transformations.In the early days of her career, she was loved for her blonde and bouncy hair, but the actress switched it up and went for a deep red hair color. She also never missed a moment to make a fashion statement.

Over the years, Priscilla has made her deep red hair pop by keeping her makeup simple and ensuring that her eyebrows are enhanced. She also brings it all together with a pop of color on the lips.

How Would Priscilla Have Looked without Plastic Surgery
Since Priscilla has been a victim of botched plastic surgery, a few AI-generated images have shown what the star would have looked like had she not undergone her procedures.

This AI-generated photo is taken from Priscilla’s early days when she still rocked her blonde hair. In the before picture of the actress, we see the blend between her dark roots and blond strands paired with a subtle makeup look.

The photo of her older does not look too different from her younger self. Her blue eyes are still popping, and she’s kept her signature eyebrow shape. Her hair, on the other hand, appears as a more ashier blonde. The other photo is also from her blond days with a pop of red on the lips. The difference is not stark as it shows a naturally aged version of younger Priscilla.

As the years passed, Priscilla ditched her long hair and chopped it into a pixie cut. The actress went for a brighter yellow-blonde but kept her iconic pop of color on the lips. The older version of this Priscilla still looks striking with a few natural wrinkles, with the hair showing up with a more gray undertone.

The transition into becoming a redhead became just as iconic as the years she spent as a blonde. Therefore, the Priscilla that fans know now would have aged with a few naturally formed lines and wrinkles on her face, but her red hair looks interesting with a mixture of gray in the front.






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