After the “worst first date,” Jenna Bush Hager proposed to her future husband, but he declined…

Even though he turned down her marriage proposal, TV star Jenna Bush Hager and her spouse, Henry Chase Hager, have been together for more than ten years.

Dating is challenging, especially if you’re the daughter of George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States. Jenna Bush Hager is well aware of that, but she was fortunate to meet Henry Hager, who is her better half.

A mutual friend arranged for Jenna and Henry to see a football game in the early 2000s. Because Henry was her dad’s employee, felt “too old,” and already had a girlfriend, she wasn’t first overjoyed about the prospect. In the end, they shared a kiss after Jenna decided he was “cute.”

Shortly after that peculiar encounter, Jenna and Henry embarked on their first date, which she later rated as her worst first date. Secret Service agents had to accompany Jenna everywhere because George W. Bush was still the president at the time.

In Arlington, Virginia, where Henry lived at the time, she was in his car as a car full of Secret Service agents followed closely behind.

Henry eventually noticed he was about to run out of gas, so he made an effort to find a gas station close by. The car stopped exactly in the middle of a small slope.Henry most likely became very anxious and failed to apply the brakes, causing his automobile to drive rearward and strike the Secret Service vehicle. Henry was “horrified,” but Jenna found it amusing and couldn’t stop giggling.

It is crucial to note that Jenna’s mother, Laura Bush, the former First Lady, did not view Henry and Jenna’s relationship seriously. Laura even claimed in 2005 that Henry was not “a serious boyfriend.”

He was still a terrific find. Prior to working for Karl Rove and later joining George W. Bush’s 2004 reelection campaign, he earned his degree from Wake Forest University in 2000.

In addition to attending the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, Henry comes from a well-known political family. John, his father, served as Virginia’s lieutenant governor and chairman of the state’s Republican Party.

Only three months after their first date, Jenna asked Henry to marry her, defying Laura’s low expectations for their relationship.

Jenna once read a heartfelt Valentine’s Day letter she wrote for her spouse to her “Today” audience.Jenna “may have had a Christmas cocktail” before posing the question because it happened around Christmas time. While dancing with Henry, she said:

“That’s it. I am aware of that. Just get married, please. Why are we still waiting?”

Jenna was certain they would spend the rest of their life together even though they had only been dating for a little over a year. Henry did as well, but all he did was smile and remark that she was still young even if he was “crazy” about her.

In 2007, Henry proposed to Jenna. First, he sought George W. Bush’s approval to wed his daughter, to which the former president replied, “Done deal.”

Following that, Henry proposed to Jenna while they were hiking at Cadillac Mountain in Maine’s Acadia National Park. In front of roughly 200 guests, they exchanged vows at the Bush family property in Texas in 2008. She answered yes.Currently, Henry and Jenna have been married for 14 years, and during that time, their jobs have steadily advanced. Currently, Henry serves as the Waterous Energy Fund’s Managing Director.

However, Jenna has long been one of the most well-known journalists in the country, particularly since she started working on the “Today” show in 2009. She and Hoda Kotb co-host the morning news program’s fourth hour at the moment.Henry leads a somewhat private existence, but Jenna frequently waxes poetic about their special bond. She once read a lovely Valentine’s Day letter she penned for her spouse to her “Today” audience.

Jenna compared Henry’s love to the “simple, sturdy, and thoughtful” Post-it note he would leave for her when she arrived home after hours.

Second-time motherhood, according to Jenna, was “far sweeter.”She has also talked about some of the kind deeds Henry has done for her, such preparing dinner for her the night before she leaves for work.

Mila, Poppy, and Hal are the three children that Henry and Jenna are parents to. The journalist acknowledged that juggling parenthood and work was difficult, but that many women had done so before her and will do so in the future. Jenna tacked on:

“I’m glad I work because I want to demonstrate to my kids the ability of women to accomplish anything. But you simply can’t accomplish it all at once.”

The first two of Henry and Jenna’s children were practically born back-to-back, but the youngest was delayed by five years.

On April 13, 2013, Jenna gave birth daughter Margaret “Mila” Hager in New York City. On Facebook, George W. Bush disclosed that his granddaughter has the names of her two grandmothers.

The nursery room was painted a light blue because the couple was so certain Mila would be a boy. They took precautions with their second pregnancy and immediately enquired of the doctor about the baby’s sex.On August 13, 2015, Poppy Louise Hager was born in New York City. She was given the middle names Louise and Lewis in honor of Jenna and Henry’s grandmothers and the nickname of Jenna’s grandfather, George H. W. “Poppy” Bush.

Throughout the delivery, Henry acknowledged that his wife was “amazing,” and Mila couldn’t stop gushing about her “baby sissy.” Jenna claimed that because she already understood “how lovely parenthood was,” becoming a mother for the second time was “even sweeter.”

Henry Harold “Hal” Hager, the third child of the marriage, was welcomed into the family on August 2, 2019. The boy was given various names from his father’s side of the family, including those of his own father. His paternal grandfather gave him the middle name.

Jenna added that her two youngest children were ecstatic to have a baby brother and that they had already given him the name Hal Pal. How adorable Henry and Jenna’s family is!






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