100-Yr-Old Birthday Girl Breaks Down At Surprise Party Waiting For Her.

Some people become a little less excited to celebrate their birthday the older they get, but not this grandma! On her 100th birthday, her family decided to throw her a surprise party. This 100-year-old’s reaction to her surprise party was too precious! As soon as her loved ones gathered around her wheelchair to sing “Happy Birthday” to her, she burst into tears.“I can’t believe it,” she said, overwhelmed by the thoughtful gesture.

A 100-year-old grandma cries at her surprise birthday party.

Screengrab from ABC7 News/TikTok

ABC News shares that some of Grandma’s family had traveled quite a long way to be there for her very special birthday party. The news outlet shared a heartwarming video of the event on TikTok, where many commenters added their own sweet birthday wishes!







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