A nurse took a picture of an old woman’s palm – now a detail in the picture lighted up the entire internet

Brandalyn Mae Porter worked as a nurse in a nursing home in Texas, United States, and it is clear that she had a positive impact on the tenants in the place.

With her simple and direct way, she is known for making them feel comfortable at any moment of the day.

Now a very special photo taken by Brandalyn of the hand of one of the tenants is spreading in the internet like fire in a field of thorns.

This is Brandalyn.

One day while at work she helped one of the tenants wash her hands and decided to paint her nails. Very quickly, Brandlin managed to put her in a good mood.

Her story was posted on Facebook, and since then the post has received many comments and has gone viral all over the world. She wrote:

“Today I painted a new tenant’s nails at work and while we were going through the colors, she indicated she wanted a transparent color. The only thing I thought of was ‘Transparent ?! It’s not fun’. I asked her why she wants transparent, and she said ‘my hands are ugly, I do not want attract attention to them’. So I answered her cautiously, ‘Your hands tell the story of your life, they tell a love story, of worry and adventure. Those hands touched and held things that most people can only dream of one day’, and after that she chose to paint her nails in a pink color.”

“Sometimes things that make us feel insecure, others see them as beauty”.

Thanks to Brandalyn’s beautiful and important words, she was able to convince the woman that it’s okay to paint her nails – not only because her hands are beautiful, but also because they reveal years of experience, and the rest of the day she could proudly show off her beautiful hands – along with beautiful pink nail polish of course.

Thanks to people like Brandalyn the world can be a wonderful place. People like Brandalyn dedicate their lives to making others feel good every day of the year.

People who work in the nursing and medical field deserve more recognition than they get, and Brandalyn is certainly an example of that, which is why we share this story. Thank you so much Brandalyn and all the heroes who are involved in this field!






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