Young Model Receives Backlash After Listing 100+ Reasons To Never Have Kids

Australian model Ellie Gonsalves, aged 32, recently found herself at the center of a storm of controversy when she shared a list of 118 reasons why she doesn’t want to have children on Instagram.

The list was met with mixed reactions, dividing the internet and sparking a wave of criticism directed at the actress.

In a candid interview with Mamamia, Gonsalves opened up about the backlash she received and shed light on her decision to share the list. She expressed her surprise at the intensity of the negative responses, saying, “I have already received hundreds of DMs criticizing me, telling me how much of a horrible and broken person I am. But lots of these fears/thoughts ARE real.”

Gonsalves explained that many of the reasons on her list resonated not only with her but also with many other women. She emphasized that some of the concerns are small things that contribute to a much bigger picture. While some may view her list as controversial or satirical, she firmly believes that societal pressure surrounding the topic of having children is often unfair towards those with differing opinions.

Despite the harsh criticism, Gonsalves also received numerous positive messages from fans who praised her for speaking out about her desire to remain childfree. She acknowledged the importance of such support, especially for those who have faced uncomfortable moments when others questioned their choice to be childfree.

Gonsalves further addressed the backlash by highlighting how it reflects people’s discomfort when others choose alternative lifestyles. She believes that the frustration directed at her and her list stems from individuals who feel threatened by those who deviate from the traditional path of parenthood. “They further illustrate my main point: people are sold a certain life, and when they witness others choosing a different path, the frustration lies within themselves,” she remarked.

The list, which Gonsalves posted on her Instagram account, included a wide range of reasons why she does not want to have children. Some of the reasons were humorous or satirical, while others were serious and factual. Some of the points she mentioned included concerns about postpartum hair loss, the physical changes that occur during childbirth, and the impact on one’s personal life and freedom.

Gonsalves, known for being outspoken about her choice to remain childfree, is not the only public figure to face backlash for her decision. She pointed out that very rarely do we hear voices in support of this choice, as the public backlash can be overwhelming.

In her personal life, Ellie Gonsalves is married to her long-term partner, entrepreneur Ross Scutts. The couple tied the knot in two luxury ceremonies in March, with the official nuptials taking place at the floating beach club La Luna on the Gold Coast. They followed it up with a second gathering, inviting their bridal party and other guests.

The decision to remain childfree is a deeply personal one, and Ellie Gonsalves’ decision to share her list of reasons sparked an important conversation about societal expectations, alternative lifestyles, and the importance of respecting individual choices. While the backlash was intense, it also brought to light the need for more open and understanding discussions around this topic. Gonsalves’ courage in addressing the controversy head-on is a reminder that everyone’s journey is unique, and the choices people make should be respected and supported, regardless of whether they align with traditional norms or not.






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