Install Hidden Camera in Nursing Home – Can’t Believe Their Eyes When They See What the Nurse Does to Their Father.

I have always had deep respect for the staff of nursing homes. Day in and day out, they take care of our mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers. Therefore, they unquestionably deserve immense praise for their work!

However, I am deeply saddened by people who tarnish this honorable profession with their inappropriate behavior. Instead of diligently carrying out their duties, helping the weak and the sick, they treat their wards as they please.

In 2018, another case of elder abuse was uncovered, causing outrage worldwide.

Salim Yun’s 89-year-old father suffered a stroke, which left one side of his body paralyzed, and he had to use a wheelchair. Since the man required constant care, he was placed in Autumnwood of Livonia, a nursing home in Michigan.However, soon Salim and his relatives suspected that unacceptable things were happening within the facility.

The 89-year-old man began complaining to his children about how poorly the staff treated him. However, when Salim and other family members approached the staff of Autumnwood of Livonia for clarification, they were assured that no misconduct had occurred.

Eventually, Salim started noticing bruises and sores on his father’s head, prompting him to take matters into his own hands and install a hidden camera in the room.

“We decided to place an alarm clock with a hidden camera on the table next to the bed. After a couple of days… I saw absolutely horrifying footage,” Salim Yun told Michigan Live in an interview.

The family couldn’t believe how dire the situation was. Not only were the nurses yelling at their elderly relative, but they were also physically abusing him.

According to the man’s relatives, the facility’s staff denied him water and took away his call button. Furthermore, the nurses sometimes shook the man’s head forcefully and intentionally hit his legs against the wall when transporting him in the wheelchair.

In total, the family collected 119 videos exposing the staff’s inappropriate behavior, all within just two days. However, when they presented all the evidence to the management of the nursing home, the employees refused to acknowledge anything.

“They don’t want people to know what goes on in this nursing home. They tried through the court to keep this from being public,” said the family’s lawyer, Jonathan Marko, in an interview with Michigan Live.

The family decided to release the shocking footage they had obtained to warn others and show everyone what their elderly relative had been subjected to in the nursing home.

Watch the video below to see how the nurses treated the 89-year-old patient. NOTE: The video may evoke an emotional response in some viewers.

According to information from the nursing home that gained scandalous attention, the employees caught on video were fired. Salim transferred his father to another nursing home.

Such behavior is completely unacceptable and genuinely infuriates me. I hope that this family raises awareness about the existing problem, and nursing home management will pay closer attention to their staff’s conduct. No elderly person should be subjected to heartless treatment.

Please like and share the story of Salim’s family to spread their warning. No one should go through what the defenseless 89-year-old man endured!






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