Young girl buys old, outdated camper and remodels it into a cute tiny home

Children brim with creativity and innovative ideas, and sometimes, they possess the determination to bring these dreams to life.

Take 11-year-old Lauren Nelson, for instance.

Her inspiration sparked from an American Girl doll magazine where she eyed a toy VW van priced at $650.
Sharing her wish to purchase it with her parents, her father humorously remarked:

“That’s ridiculous, you could buy your own camper for that price.”


Rather than settling for the toy, Lauren aimed higher: a real camper.
She meticulously saved every penny, from allowances to Tooth Fairy gifts.

As her mother fondly recalls:

“Lauren really does have an envelope where she saves money… It just added up.”

Fate played its part when a neighbor decided to sell their old 20-foot camper.
Despite its worn-out appearance, Lauren was instantly smitten.

Knowing her budget constraints, she bravely negotiated the price down, recounting:

“He said $500 and I said $400 because that was the money I had in my bank account and he said sold.”

With the camper now hers, Lauren embarked on her renovation adventure.
Her lack of manual work experience didn’t deter her.

She continued her savings streak, eventually investing an additional $400 on furnishings and accessories.

The result? A dreamy tiny home.
The interior, adorned in blacks, whites, and greys, exudes a minimalist charm.


Every inch is utilized efficiently, from the cozy living space and four-bed bedroom to the compact bathroom and kitchen.

Lauren’s ingenious design even incorporated ample storage space throughout.
Lauren’s journey from a simple wish to the proud owner of a renovated camper is nothing short of inspirational.

Her unwavering dedication has not only manifested her dream but has also kindled motivation in many others.

Her parents, too, deserve a nod.

They provided unwavering support, seeing this endeavor as a valuable learning experience for Lauren, equipping her with a plethora of life skills.

Throughout this transformative process, Lauren encountered numerous challenges.
Yet, each hurdle was a lesson, a stepping stone.


From mastering the art of budgeting and negotiation to hands-on design and craftsmanship, she imbibed skills that will stand her in good stead.

Lauren’s story stands as a testament to the wonders of determination, passion, and a sprinkle of support. Her love for her new tiny home radiates from every nook and cranny, a tangible testament to her hard work and vision.

For those captivated by Lauren’s tale, a detailed video tour of her camper is available. It’s a heartwarming narrative of a young girl’s aspiration, her unwavering resolve, and the beautiful culmination of her efforts.

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