“He’s Too Much Woke”: Sylvester Stallone Drops Out of $1 Billion Project With ‘Creepy’ Robert De Niro

Sylvester Stallone Robert DEniro

In a surprising turn of events, Hollywood is abuzz with the news that Sylvester Stallone has decided to drop out of a colossal $1 billion project, citing what he deems as Robert De Niro’s excessive ‘wokeness.’ Stallone, a cinematic icon renowned for his roles in the “Rocky” and “Rambo” franchises, made the announcement, igniting discussions about the delicate balance between personal beliefs and professional collaborations within the entertainment industry.

This article delves into the details surrounding the project, Stallone’s decision, and the broader implications of ideological differences in Hollywood.

The now-jeopardized project, initially shrouded in secrecy, promised to be a blockbuster venture with a staggering $1 billion budget. Fans and industry insiders alike were eager to witness the collaboration between two Hollywood legends, Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro. However, Stallone’s unexpected exit has cast a shadow over the project’s future, leaving both the studio and audiences in suspense about its fate.

Sources close to the production suggest that Stallone’s decision to withdraw from the project stems from a fundamental clash of ideologies with De Niro, particularly related to what some label as the growing trend of ‘wokeness’ in Hollywood. While De Niro has been an outspoken advocate for social and political causes, Stallone, known for his action-packed roles, reportedly found the project’s thematic direction to be excessively aligned with what he perceives as a politically correct narrative.






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