Tim Allen explains why he has never trusted anyone as much as his “Toy Story” co-star Tom Hanks.

Few actors and actresses are as well-known to the general public as Tim Allen for their appearances in television shows and films.

Even though the 69-year-old has held a significant position in Hollywood for many years, neither reviewers nor fans have had anything to say about him.
It should go without saying that he’s made his fair share of friends over the years; after all, with the number of individuals Tim has worked with, you’d think he’d have a who’s who of contacts in his phone book.

However, the man adds that there is one person in the entertainment sector in whom he has the most faith. It’s fitting that he was played by a man in one of the best children’s movies ever made.

I don’t know about you, but I am happy to see two such likable people form such close friendships. Despite spending so much time at the pinnacle of their careers, Hanks and Allen have generally avoided scandal.

That, in my opinion, speaks volumes about their moral character.






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