Capturing the Celestial Embrace: Photographer’s Triumph in Portraying Christ The Redeemer ‘Holding’ the Moon

In the realm of photography, there are moments that require not only skill and precision but also a dash of luck. One such extraordinary moment has recently made waves across the globe, as photographer Leonardo Sens finally succeeded in capturing an awe-inspiring image of Christ The Redeemer seemingly ‘holding’ the moon with both hands. This remarkable shot comes after three years of dedicated attempts that ended in frustration, making the triumph all the more sweet.

Christ The Redeemer, an iconic masterpiece of architecture nestled in Brazil, has long been a subject of fascination for photographers and tourists alike. Constructed over a nine-year period between 1922 and 1931, the statue stands an impressive 30 meters (98 feet) tall, not accounting for its 8-meter (26-foot) pedestal. With arms outstretched to a wingspan of 92 feet, this breathtaking monument is crafted from a combination of reinforced concrete and soapstone, serving as a symbol of both religious devotion and artistic brilliance.

Christ The Redeemer ‘Holds’ The Moon. (Credit: Instagram/Leonardo Sens)

From the 1930s onwards, photographers spanning the globe have aimed their lenses at this monumental structure, capturing it from countless angles and perspectives. Earlier this year, a photograph of Christ The Redeemer struck by a bolt of lightning during the night went viral, mesmerizing online audiences with its perfectly timed beauty. The image, skillfully taken by Fernando Braga on February 10, captivated millions, becoming a testament to the power of nature’s spectacle and the human eye behind the lens.

Adding to the visual chronicle of Christ The Redeemer’s captivating presence, a recent photograph has gained immense popularity for its unique portrayal of the statue alongside the moon’s descent. In a captivating display of persistence and meticulous planning, Leonardo Sens managed to frame an image that conveys the illusion of the statue ‘holding’ the moon with its extended arms. This elusive shot, captured on May 4 from Icaraí Beach in the Rio de Janeiro municipality of Niterói – a good seven miles away from the statue – stands as a testament to the photographer’s patience and unwavering dedication.






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