TikToker Claims She Is “Suing” Her Parents For Giving Birth To Her Without Consent

Kass Theaz, a TikTok user with a following of over 142,000, recently went viral for a video where she jokingly said she would sue her parents for giving birth to her without her consent.

As her video gained millions of views, her followers were surprised to learn that she is actually a parent herself, but through adoption.

In the video, Theaz sits in a car with a serious expression and explains, “I mentioned in my last video that I went clothes shopping for my children, and a lot of people are shocked to hear that I have children considering I sued my parents for having me without my permission.”

However, she then clarifies that she wants to “clarify some things.” Theaz highlights that her parents contributed to conceiving her, and while she sued them, it was all in good humor. She emphasizes that she did not actually consent to being born and having to grow up and get a job to support herself.

Theaz adds, “Otherwise, they will sue you because I’m making that my life mission to teach children to sue their parents, so they don’t have to work.” She playfully jokes about the idea of children suing their parents to escape having to work.

When it comes to her own experience of becoming a parent, Theaz explains that adoption is a unique and different process from giving birth. She emphasizes that it is not her fault that her adopted children are here, and she is simply trying to be a good person and provide them with a loving home.

The video left many commenters confused, as they were unsure whether Theaz was being sarcastic or serious. Some even questioned if it was satire. However, Theaz cleared up any confusion by stating that it was indeed a joke and that people should do a bit more research before reacting to her content.

Overall, while Theaz’s TikTok video may have caused some confusion, it serves as a reminder of the diverse and entertaining content found on social media platforms like TikTok.






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