Pat Sajak Reflects on His ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Journey

Pat Sajak, the beloved host of Wheel of Fortune, is taking a moment to look back on his incredible journey with the game show as he prepares for retirement. In a heartfelt video shared with Good Morning America, Pat opens up about his time on the show and shares his feelings about stepping away.

Pat has been a part of Wheel of Fortune since 1981, guiding contestants through quizzes and helping them win amazing cash prizes. As the last week of the show approaches, Pat reveals, “It’s surprisingly okay.” He explains, “This was announced a long time ago, almost a year ago. So I’ve had time to sort of get used to it.”

While there is a hint of wistfulness, Pat emphasizes that he is truly enjoying this time and taking it all in. He reflects on the remarkable run of Wheel of Fortune and how it has become more than just a popular show; it has become a part of the popular culture and people’s lives. Pat finds great gratification in knowing that the show has touched the hearts of millions of viewers.

Calling his experience as the host of Wheel of Fortune a “great” period in his life, Pat expresses his excitement for whatever lies ahead. After 40 amazing years, he is ready to embrace new adventures. The final episode of Wheel of Fortune Season 41 will air on Friday, June 7, marking the end of an era.

Join Pat Sajak in celebrating the legacy of Wheel of Fortune and the memories it has created over the past four decades.






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